Categories of Temporary Visas


Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials (“A”) (State Department) 

Visitor Visas to the U.S. (State Department) 

Visa Waiver Program (State Department)

Travel on the Visa Waiver Program – Information for New Member Countries (State Department)

Visa Waiver Program (CBP)

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

ESTA Authorization Required for All Visa Waiver Program Travlers Beginning on January 12, 2009 

Transit Visas (“C”) (State Department) 

Australian Professionals (E-3) (State Department)

Employees of Designated International Agencies and NATO (“G” and “NATO”) (State Department) 

Temporary Agricultural Workers (“H-2A”) 

H-2A Regulation – U.S. Department of Labor (2-12-10)

Labor Department Fact Sheet on H-2A Regulation 

Temporary Skilled and Unskilled Workers (“H-2B”) 

Foreign Journalists (“I”) 

Exchange Visitors (State Department) 

K-3/K-4 Nonimmigrant Visas (USCIS)

Vocational Students (“M-1”) 

Witnesses and Informants (“S”) 

USCIS Regulation: Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Resident for Aliens in T or U Nonimmigrant Status (December 12, 2008) 

Applying for a TN Visa at the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico 

Applying for a TN Visa at the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico 

How to Obtain U Interim Relief: A Brief Manual for Advocates Assisting Immigrant Victims of Crime (“U”) – (June 2007)

Tool Kit for Law Enforcement Use of the U Visa (November 2010