Temporary Visas

This page explains how you can obtain a temporary visa to visit, study or work in the United States.

It contains a number of articles and links explaining the various types of temporary visas. It explains the difference between a “visa” and a “status”. It provides you with the procedure for obtaining a visa abroad as well as detailing the process of obtaining an extension of stay and a change of status in the U.S. It links to the online visa appointment system for U.S. Consulates in Canada and Mexico.

Our attorneys specialize in obtaining visas and changes of status from visitors and students to H-1B professionals, J-1 trainees, L-1 intracompany managers and executives, O-1 persons of extraordinary ability, E-1 treaty traders, E-2 treaty investors and P-1 athletes and entertainers.

This page explains the most common temporary or “nonimmigrant” visa categories, in alphabetical order.

How to Obtain a Temporary Visa is divided into the following subtopics: