Violence Against Women Act (WAVA) 2017-09-19T18:02:31+00:00

Violence Againts Women Act (WAVA)

The Federal Government has enacted legislation designed to protect immigrant victims of domestic violence/sexual assault/ stalking; these individuals are provided with legal protection as they work to obtain a special visa. Even an immigrant who is undocumented can be protected and helped to obtain legal status if he or she meets the criteria under U.S. Immigration law.

There are three primary methods to protect these immigrant victims: The VAWA self petition, U-Visas and conditional resident battered spouse waivers. As part of the legal services, staff provide referrals to other resources in the community in support of criteria and assist in the following:

– Working with clients to obtain available supporting documentation required for legal cases.

– Transition of documents.

– Testimony of the witnesses and/or petitioner.

– Completion of petition applications for submission to the United States.