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Adjustment of Status

A person who qualifies to be a permanent resident may, if eligible, apply to obtain a green card without leaving the United States.

This procedure is called “adjustment of status”. Generally, the law requires that to apply for adjustment of status, a person must have entered the U.S. legally and have never violated his or her immigration status.

Adjustment of status is governed by the provisions of section 245 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

However, there are numerous exceptions to this general rule. For example, if a person is applying for adjustment of status pursuant to an employment-based immigrant visa petition, section 245(k) provides that he is eligible to do so as long as he has not been out of status for over 180 days since his most recent admission to the U.S.

Section 245(i) provides that certain persons with old priority dates may pay a fine and adjust their status despite entering the U.S. illegally or entering lawfully, and violating or overstaying their nonimmigrant status.

Finally, persons who are “immediate relatives” (parents, spouses and citizens of U.S. citizens) may adjust their status despite the same type of illegalities excused by section 245(i) without having to pay a fine.

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